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Meeting papers 2017-8

Minutes of Hordle Parish Council 2017/18



AgendaBackground PapersMinutes
May  2 adobe icon Annual Meeting 2107 Agenda [64kb]   adobe icon Minutes May 2 2017 [82kb]
May 16 adobe icon Agenda May 16 2017 [41kb]    adobe icon Minutes 16 May 2017 [80kb]
June   6 adobe icon Agenda 6 June 2017 [41kb]        adobe icon SW Quadrant report [11kb]      adobe icon Report from HCA rep June 17 [14kb]       adobe icon Tiptoe School report U [14kb]   adobe icon Minutes 6 June 17 [82kb]
June   20adobe icon Agenda 20th June 2017 [40kb]     adobe icon Minutes 20 June 17 [80kb]
July   4 adobe icon Agenda 4 July 2017 [42kb]         adobe icon Report from Everton Pavilion M C July 4 [13kb]    adobe icon Minutes 4 July 2017 [84kb]
July    18 adobe icon Agenda 18 July 2017 [42kb]         adobe icon TOR Emergency Planning WP [13kb]    adobe icon Minutes 18 July 2017 [84kb]
August 1 adobe icon Agenda 1 August 2107 [43kb]  adobe icon Forest First consultation [20kb]  adobe icon Balancing the Budget HCC [1Mb]  adobe icon Rural England [847kb]  adobe icon NFALC report Aug 17 [11kb]   adobe icon HEG report Aug 17 [11kb]   adobe icon Lavender farm report [11kb]  adobe icon Lavender farm map [25kb]   adobe icon 1st August 2017 [84kb]
September  5th  adobe icon Agenda 5 Sept 2017 [47kb]  adobe icon Allowance to Councillors [824kb]  adobe icon Community Speedwatch Report [27kb]   adobe icon Emergency Planning Report [13kb]  adobe icon Post Office Closure [10kb]   adobe icon TM Member scheme [18kb]   adobe icon TM application [22kb]  adobe icon Pavilions Valuation report [10kb]    adobe icon Minutes 5 September 2017 [88kb]
September 19th adobe icon Agenda 19 September 2017 [45kb]  adobe icon Hordle Pavilion Management report [15kb]   adobe icon Sept Monthly payment schedule [16kb]     adobe icon Minutes 19 September [90kb]
October  3rd  adobe icon Agenda 3 October 2017 [42kb]  adobe icon Everton Pavilion report Sept 17 [11kb]     adobe icon Minutes 03/10/17 [85kb]
October  17th  adobe icon Agenda 17 October 2017 [44kb]   adobe icon Monthly Payment schedule Oct 17 [15kb]    adobe icon Accounts - budget 30 September [19kb]    adobe icon October current account rec [4kb]     adobe icon Football Club report [91kb]    adobe icon Quotes for works [11kb]      adobe icon Minutes October 17 17 [80kb]
November  7th    adobe icon Agenda 7 November 17 l [45kb]    adobe icon Bank reconciliation Nov 7th [4kb]     adobe icon Bank Reconciliation - 2 Nov 17 [4kb]    adobe icon Audit Risk Assessment [12kb]     adobe icon Budget setting Nov 17 [14kb]     adobe icon Minutes 7 November 17 [52kb]
November 21st   adobe icon Agenda 21 November 17 [43kb]   adobe icon November Monthly Payment Schedule [16kb]     adobe icon Sports Clubs terms and fees [17kb]      adobe icon To review access to Parish Council land [11kb]     adobe icon Emergency Planning WP report Nov 17 [17kb]    adobe icon HEG Acacia Nov 17 [11kb]      adobe icon Minutes November 21 2017 [53kb]
December 5th     adobe icon Agenda December 5 2017 [42kb]    adobe icon Precept request 2018-9 [9kb]     adobe icon Accounts and Audit recommendations [12kb]     adobe icon Meeting Dates 2018 [18kb]     adobe icon Everton Pavilion Management Committee report [12kb]    adobe icon Tree Report [11kb]   adobe icon Rights of way report [11kb]       adobe icon Draft minutes 5 December 17 [82kb]
December 19     adobe icon Agenda 19 December 17 [42kb]